Bylaws & Operating Procedures



What are Bylaws?

Every lodge in the Order of the Arrow has a set of bylaws. The bylaws are used in managing the lodge elections, lodge functions, and lodge responsibilities. A large part of the organization of the Kanwa tho Lodge draws from them for guidance. Expressed in the document is the process for making a change to them. If any member feels that a change is necessary, please follow the proper process as outlined.

What are Operating Procedures?

Operating procedures include the guidelines, job descriptions, event details, and other established procedures required to operate the lodge. The operating procedures provide consistency form year to year and help the lodge officers conduct the business of the lodge without figuring out how to do something each time.

Click here for the Kanwa tho Lodge bylaws - effective May 1, 2022

Click here for the Kanwa tho Lodge operating procedures - Plans and procedures for the operation of our lodge

Original Lodge Bylaws and Amendments

The original bylaws were in effect from January 6, 2013 through April 30, 2022.

Kanwa tho Lodge Bylaws and Amendments - 2013-2022