OA High Adventure Scholarship Form

Arrowmen who attend an OA High Adventure (OAHA) trek are eligible to apply for a scholarship for attending. Each Arrowman can receive up to $75.00 per trek. The amount will depend on the number of scholarship requests each year.
To apply for the high adventure scholarship, complete this form.

Adult OA Nomination Form

Although youth members are elected to the Order of the Arrow by the peers in their unit, adults may be nominated. Adults must complete the same requirements as youth to be eligible for nomination (except that they need not complete the program-specific rank or award requirements).
A unit may only nominate adults if the youth in the unit elected at least one youth member. Below is a small chart showing how many adults may be nominated based on how many youth were elected:
# Youth Elected # Adults to Nominate   # Youth Elected # Adults to Nominate
0 0 4-6 2
1-3 1 7-9 3
Note: In addition to the one-third limit, the unit committee may nominate the current unit leader (but not assistant leaders) as long as he or she has served as unit leader for the previous 12 months.
CLICK HERE for the adult nomination form.

Dues Renewal Online

If you were a dues-paying member in 2022, you can renew your dues at

Transferring or Reinstating Membership

If you are currently registered in a different lodge, please fill out this form to transfer your membership to Kanwa tho Lodge.
If you were formerly a Kanwa tho Lodge member but you haven't renewed your dues in the last few years, you can also use this form. Simply enter "Three Harbors Council" and "Kanwa tho Lodge" in the "former council" and "former lodge" fields, respectively.