Kanwa tho Lodge #636


Seeking Patch Designs for NOAC 2020!

Attention Arrowmen! The LEC is looking for designs for the 2020 National Order of the Arrow Conference patch set. If you've got some creative ideas for our NOAC patch set, see the form attached here for more information!
Patch designs are due September 8, 2019, so don't delay!

August 1-11 State Fair Parking


Lodge Event Registration is Now Open

Be sure to register today for our lodge fellowships and fix-its!
Remember, ANYONE is invited to our fix-it days, so if you or a friend are looking for service hours, our camps are a perfect place to do some cheerful service! Lunch is free, too!
Fellowship weekends are open to Order of the Arrow members and Ordeal candidates. Current Ordeal members can complete their Brotherhood process, if eligible. While we do provide a lot of cheerful service in the mornings, the afternoon and evenings have fun activities for all involved.
Be sure to register today!