Kanwa tho Lodge #636


Have You Paid Your Dues Yet?

Pay your dues NOW to get the early bird discount of $15.00. After March 15, the price goes up to $20.00!

Pay online at www.Kanwatho.org/Dues.


April 7 - LEC - STV
April 12-14 - Section Conclave
May 4 - LEC - ODKT
May 31-June 2 - Scouting the Zoo (Service) 

Sail the 7 C's at this year's Section Conclave

The 2019 Section C-7 Conclave will be held April 12-14, 2019. Conclave will be right in our own back yard at the Racine County Fairgrounds! Conclave is an awesome gathering of the eight lodges in our section, and includes quality training and tons of fellowship activities! This year's theme is Sailing the 7 C's.
Find out more at www.OAC7.org/Conclave,

Lodge Event Registration is Now Open

Be sure to register today for our lodge fellowships and fix-its!
Remember, ANYONE is invited to our fix-it days, so if you or a friend are looking for service hours, our camps are a perfect place to do some cheerful service! Lunch is free, too!
Fellowship weekends are open to Order of the Arrow members and Ordeal candidates. Current Ordeal members can complete their Brotherhood process, if eligible. While we do provide a lot of cheerful service in the mornings, the afternoon and evenings have fun activities for all involved.
Be sure to register today!