Kanwa tho Lodge #636


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Fall Inductions Events

Kanwa tho Lodge will be hosting three inductions events for Ordeal, Brotherhood and Vigil Honor candidates.
Due to participant capacity regulations due to COVID-19, this will be an induction event only. No fellowship or extra service activities will be offered. Therefore, the general lodge membership will not be allowed to attend.
  • Ordeal candidates will complete their Ordeal from Friday evening through Saturday evening.
  • Brotherhood candidates will seal their membership on Saturday afternoon.
Safety measures have been implemented, including separating groups, sanitizing hands and equipment, and social distancing.
For further information, click on any of the dates below for details.

Induction Weekends Available:


October 2-3, 2020

Indian Mound Scout Reservation


How the Waitlist Works

When the event reaches capacity, participants can be added to a "waitlist" to hold their name in the order it was received in case a spot opens up. To add a name(s) to the waitlist:
  • Begin registration for the participant(s) as normal
  • The Shopping Cart will show a balance of $0 and each waitlisted name will say "(Waitlisted)" next to it.
  • To be fully added to the waitlist, participants will still need to continue to the final payment screen and press the red "COMPLETE ORDER" button.
Participants will receive an email confirmation that they've been put on the list. If a spot opens up, participants will receive an auto-generated email from Doubleknot, Inc. (our council's website and registration provider) titled "Cleared Waitlist Notification." The email will explain that the participant has been approved to register and will show a balance due. The participant can then follow the instructions in the email for logging in and paying the required balance.


Lodge Officer Elections

Every year at our fall conclave, we host elections for the positions of lodge chief and their three vice-chiefs. Due to our adapted events plan, we are unable to host this event in person. However, we still will be having our elections. For that reason, below is outlined the new process by which elections will run this year.

Found here is a link to a Google form where lodge members may submit questions to potential candidates. Questions from this pool will be selected to be asked to each candidate. That Google form will be taken down on September 8, 2020 so be sure to get your questions in before that happens.

If you are interested in running for any position, you must reach out to Mr. Ken Walton (KanwathoLodgeAdviser@gmail.com) and Mr. Nathan Rackers (Nathan.Rackers@Scouting.org) by August 30, 2020. More information will come regarding your next steps on your election journey.

On September 19, 2020, Kanwa tho Lodge will host a live stream event via which the elections will take place. Before the event, all dues-paid Arrowmen from 2019 and 2020 that are under the age of 21 will receive an email with a special numeric identifier. This identifier will be used during the voting process to ensure anonymity and allow only registered youth members to vote.

Each candidate for an office will have prepared a short three-minute video to be broadcast as their election speech. Additionally, each candidate will have been recorded giving a response to a question submitted from lodge members (see above). Both the speech and the first question will be played live. After all candidate videos have been played, voting will commence. Appropriate google forms will be used to tally the votes, and each voter will identify themselves with their unique numeric identifier when voting. If a 50% majority has not been reached by the first round, then successive rounds will consist of more pre-recorded questions the bottom half of the candidates will be removed and additional questions will be played before another round of voting. 
This process will repeat until a candidate has received at least 50% of the vote. This will also then repeat until all four offices have been filled.
If you have any questions regarding this new process, please reach out to the Mr. Ken Walton, the Lodge Adviser at KanwathoLodgeAdviser@gmail.com.