Lodge Bylaws



What are Bylaws?

Every lodge in the Order of the Arrow has a set of bylaws. The bylaws are used in managing the lodge elections, lodge functions, and lodge responsibilities. A large part of the organization of the Kanwa tho Lodge draws from them for guidance. Expressed in the document is the process for making a change to them. If any member feels that a change is necessary, please follow the proper process as outlined.

Click here for the Kanwa tho Lodge Bylaws

Bylaw Amendments

Bylaw Amendment #1 - Splitting the Activities/Service Committee into Two Committees
Bylaw Amendment #2 - Eliminating the Unit Relations/Elections/Camp Promotions Committee from the LEC

Proposed Bylaw Amendment

Dear Arrowmen,
In 2019 it was determined by the Three Harbors Council executive board to undergo redistricting efforts within the council; as a result, the four traditional districts within the council were consolidated into three. Previously, the lodge had four chapters - one for each of the four districts. With this bylaw change, we will now have three chapters, one for each traditional district.
On December 1, 2019, the lodge executive committee voted to accept this bylaw change. In order for the amendment to be adopted, the final step is for the lodge membership to vote on the proposal at a lodge meeting. All lodge members under the age of 21 may vote at a lodge meeting. The amendment will be adopted pending a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the voting-eligible members present.
Per the Kanwa tho Lodge bylaws, the lodge membership shall be notified in writing of a proposed bylaw change at least 10 days before the lodge meeting. This email shall serve as written notice of the lodge meeting at which this proposal will be voted upon. The lodge meeting will be held at the annual winter banquet on January 4, 2020. The banquet and lodge meeting will be held at the Roma Lodge in Racine. For further information about the banquet, please visit www.Kanwatho.org/Banquet.

Click here to view the wording of the proposed amendment.

Thank you,
Nolan Tremelling
Lodge Chief