Lodge Bylaws



What are Bylaws?

Every lodge in the Order of the Arrow has a set of bylaws. The bylaws are used in managing the lodge elections, lodge functions, and lodge responsibilities. A large part of the organization of the Kanwa tho Lodge draws from them for guidance. Expressed in the document is the process for making a change to them. If any member feels that a change is necessary, please follow the proper process as outlined.

Click here for the Kanwa tho Lodge bylaws - effective through April 30, 2022

Click here for the NEW Kanwa tho Lodge bylaws - effective May 1, 2022 (Positions noted herein will be effective June 15, 2022)

Bylaw Amendments from the original bylaws

Bylaw Amendment #1 - Splitting the Activities/Service Committee into Two Committees
Bylaw Amendment #2 - Eliminating the Unit Relations/Elections/Camp Promotions Committee from the LEC
Bylaw Amendment #3 - Realigning the Chapters of the Lodge Due to the Realignment of the Districts of the Council