Lodge Key Three

The Lodge Key Three consists of the lodge chief, lodge adviser and lodge staff adviser. These three Arrowmen help to ensure that lodge officers and committees successfully carry out the operations of the lodge.

Current Key Three Members


Lodge Chief

Michael Cohoon

Michael is a Life Scout from Troop 505 in Kenosha. He is working toward completing the rank of Eagle Scout before his 18th birthday in April. He has served on the summer camp staff at Indian Mound Scout Reservation and on the National Youth Leadership Training staff.


Lodge Adviser

Mike Dubis

Mike was appointed to the position of lodge adviser in October, 2015. Prior to 2015, Mike was the Kanwa tho Lodge inductions adviser and held many positions as an advisor in Mikano Lodge. Mike is the Scoutmaster of Troop 595 in the Iron Horse District. Mike is a retired captain from the Miwlaukee Police Department and currently works as the lead security advier at Marquette High School. He and his wife Vicki have three sons, all of whom are Eagle Scouts.

Staff Adviser

Robert Garrett

Robert is the Outdoor Programs and Facilities Director for Three Harbors Council and has lived in Milwaukee since 2013. He has also served as a professional Scouter in North Carolina, Georgia and LaCrosse, Wisconsin. He is an Eagle Scout and a Vigil Honor member of Kanwa tho Lodge.

Past Lodge Key Three Members


Lodge Chief

Lodge Adviser

Lodge Staff Adviser

2013 - Tyler Waiss
2013 - Bob Farrell
2013 - Robert Garrett
2014 - Tyler Waiss
2015 - Mitchell Russ
2016 - Dean Busalacchi
2016 - Mike Dubis
2017 - Michael Cohoon    
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