Lodge Key Three

The Lodge Key Three consists of the lodge chief, lodge adviser and lodge staff adviser. These three Arrowmen help to ensure that lodge officers and committees successfully carry out the operations of the lodge.

Current Key Three Members


Lodge Chief

Tyler Gerds

Tyler is a Vigil Honor member and Eagle Scout. Since being inducted in 2011, he has been an active Arrowman on various levels. He has served as the membership committee chairman, vice chief of administration, and vice chief of program. Tyler is also involved on the national communications team, serving as the national photography lead. He is currently attending UW-Waukesha where he plans to graduate with an associates degree in applied arts and sciences with an emphasis in communications. 


Lodge Adviser

Ken Walton

Serving as our current lodge adviser is Mr. Ken Walton of the Gateway District. Ken has served the last several years as adviser to the vice chief of chapters and the Wikiak Sabbeleu Chapter chief. He is the past Scoutmaster and current Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 505 in Gateway District. He has also served as Scoutmaster for National Jamboree troops and currently sits on the district advancement committee. Mr. Walton is an active Scouter who, among his many Scouting adventures, has visited Philmont Scout Ranch eight times.

Staff Adviser

Nathan Rackers

Nathan previously served as senior district executive in Iron Horse District, Heart of America Council in Kansas City. His district served almost 2,900 Scouts and 1,500 leaders in Western Johnson County Kansas. In addition to his district responsibilities, Nathan has served as the council staff advisor for Venturing, Order of the Arrow, international Scouting committee, and the Order of the Arrow Section C-5B staff adviser. Prior to joining the Heart of America Council, Nathan served in the Osage Hills District for the Ozark Trails Council in Southern Missouri.
Before becoming a commissioned professional Scouter, Nathan served on Great Rivers Council camp staff for seven summers including two as the camp program director. Nathan also worked as a Scoutreach coordinator for the council in Columbia, Missouri. Nathan is an Eagle Scout, Vigil Honor member and Venturing Silver award recipient.
Nathan is a graduate of the University of Missouri with a dual degree in History, and Secondary Social Studies Education.  His hobbies include pickleball, watching movies, traveling and exploring new places. Nathan’s wife, Marisol, works as a teacher’s aide for English language learning students and is pursuing a master’s degree in elementary education.

Past Lodge Key Three Members


Lodge Chief

Lodge Adviser

Lodge Staff Adviser

2013 - Sean T. Waiss
2013 - Bob Farrell
2013 - Robert Garrett
2014 - Sean T. Waiss
2015 - Mitchell Russ
2016 - Dean Busalacchi
2016 - Mike Dubis
2017 - Michael Cohoon   2017 - Erin Buhrmester
2018 - Tyler Gerds 2018 - Ken Walton 2018 - Wally Smith/Nathan Rackers
2018 -