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Lodge Leadership

Contact for general OA questions:
Lodge Chief: Tyler Gerds
Lodge Adviser:  Ken Walton
Lodge Staff Adviser: Nathan Rackers

Chapter Leadership

Contact for OA unit elections, crossover ceremonies, and chapter meeting information:
Sinai Lenape Chapter (Fox River and Root River Districts)
Chapter Adviser: Randy Sharp
Mahnawaukee Seepe Chapter (Heart of Milwaukee and Polaris Districts)
Chapter Adviser: Shawn Engelke
Eluwak Chapter (Iron Horse and Southshore Districts)
Chapter Adviser: Vicki Dubis
Wikiak Sabbeleu Chapter (Gateway and Lighthouse Districts)
Chapter Adviser: Pat Daugherty

Lodge Communications Committee

Contact for website questions, newsletter article submissions, lodge social media questions:
Communications Adviser: Dan Gross
Webmaster: Joe Hauser